[Review] E.l.f Matte Lip Color in Coral


Assalamu’alaikum Wr Wb

As I promised, I write this review in another post. So, before ordering this product, I have known that this shade (Coral) has different result in every lips lol. But I still wanna try this, hoping it will gives very pretty coral on my lips.


Nothing special. Even it looks so fragile. But thank God it arrives with good condition. The cap of this lip color has color which is the shade itself. The interesting part is, the bottom of this lip color has sharpener inside. It can be used to sharpen the lip color.


It has creamy texture. But dunno why, it doesn’t glide smoothly on my lips although I have used lip balm before.


I don’t know for the others, but this shade not too pigmented. If I only layer it to times, I can’t even see the color -_-



It’s out of my exceptation literally. Honestly it’s quite disappointing because it’s tooooo pale for me. As I wrote above, it’s not too pigmented. But it will be pale me out if I layer more than two times. It’s maybe … tend to be soft-milky-pink on my lips?

Staying Power

For me, it doesn’t have long staying power. Remember, it’s very cheap so I don’t hope a lot indeed.

Overall, I like this product although I disappointed in its shade. I wont use this lip color too often just because that shade 😦


Hope it helps.

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr Wb!


New Haul

Assalamu’alaikum Wr Wb

Posting again! Yeeeey. Today I wanna share my mini haul. But those are international (or maybe just difficult to find in Indonesia?) so I decide to write this post in english. I order this haul before Eid Mubarak by pre ordering system so it’s quite long till this package arrive in Indonesia.


Okay so here they are:

  • E.l.f matte lip color in Coral

I have read this review and think this product will be good in me because it has so pretty color. For complete review, I will post it in next post.

  • E.l.f HD Blush in Headliner

This product has a lot of fans in Female Daily forum. From that forum, I know that this product has very good quality for it’s very cheap price. I will review it soon.

  • L.A Girl Pro Conceal in creamy beige

I have the same reason why I bought this product to the E.l.f HD Blush one. This is very popular in Female Daily Forum and its HD (high definition) claim makes me so interested in trying this product. Will be reviewed soon as well.

So they are my new mini haul. I don’t buy a lot for make up products because I tend to not use make up in daily. Oh, just FYI, I bought them in Market Plaza (Female Daily Forum). For you, Indonesian ladies, I recommend you to buy international product here by Pre Order because it will be cheaper for sure.

That’s all. Feel free to leave comment 🙂

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr Wb